About Us

boba-new-zeland-104.jpgBabywearing Aotearoa is New Zealand's home of babywearing! We're a community organisation and social enterprise helping parents to learn about babywearing and find the best carrying option for their family. 

We are passionate about making babywearing an everyday part of parenting in New Zealand. Babies are designed to be carried, they are born expecting to be carried! So our purpose includes ensuring all families have access to quality information about carrying safely and choosing the right carrier for their family. 

We are also here to ensure the wider babywearing community will thrive in future. This is includes volunteer run community babywearing groups, trained professionals working as babywearing consultants and specialist carrier retailers who have made a commitment to training and safety. We will be providing quality education and mentorship to all those needing support and information to grow their services in this space.

We look forward to building strong relationships with other national and local organisations across New Zealand who share our passion for supporting New Zealand parents to be the best parents they can be.

Babywearing Aotearoa is proudly fully funded and administered by the babywearing team at The Sleep Store. 

We look forward to helping you in your babywearing journey. 

Our team:

Coralie Archer - National Coordinator of Babywearing Aotearoa. Babywearing consultant at The Sleep Store, trained with the Center for Babywearing Studies New York. Long term babywearing group volunteer leader with Slingbabies (West Auckland) and Waikato Baby Carriers (Hamilton).

Louise Tanguay -  Founder of Babywearing Aotearoa & Owner of The Sleep Store. Babywearing consultant, trained with Slingababy UK and the Center for Babywearing Studies New York.

Joanne Maunder - Customer Services Manager at The Sleep Store. Responsible for the national Baby Carrier Library rentals and ReCarry dispatch. Babywearing consultant, trained with Slingababy UK.




Our consulting team:

Nicola Bell - Babywearing Educator with Carry Kapiti. Babywearing consultant, trained with Slingababy UK 

Shelley Du Plessis - Babywearing Educator with Baby Carriers Waikato. Babywearing consultant at Up-a-Bubba, trained with the Babywearing School of Australia.

Sarah-Louise Stevens - Babywearing consultant with JoyRiders, trained with Slingababy UK.