Making a narrow-based carrier more supportive

3493bb91-6ebb-4219-bf7d-4b9f945e061d-uai-516x516.jpegNarrow based carriers are often the first carrier families have. They are widely available and often people give them as gifts. They are also available cheaply second hand so many families buy them for that reason.

However as you'll have seen in our info on healthy hips, these carriers don't provide any support for little developing hips. That's fine if you know 100% your baby doesn't have any hip issues, but given 15% of hip problems are estimated to not be detected. 

So here's a cheap and quick way you can add additional support to your narrow based carrier. This helps support your baby's hips and can keep your baby's hips in position after you do a 'pelvic tuck'.

The addition of the scarf will also provide more support for the adult wearing the carrier. 

This is commonly called doing a 'scarf hack'.

Thanks to Fair & Fine blog and Dr Rosie Knowles for the images and videos while we produce our own version.
















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