NZ Babywearing Consultants

New Zealand has a growing number of trained and experienced babywearing consultants. Meeting in person or on Zoom for a personalised fitting and consultation means you can find the right carrier for you, your baby and your lifestyle.

Consultants in New Zealand have trained with a variety of babywearing schools, mostly from overseas. These include Slingababy NZ & UK, Babywearing School of Australia, Brooke Maree, Centre for Babywearing Studies and Je Porte Mon Bebe.


Why use a babywearing consultant?

Babywearing Consultants are highly trained in the use of all baby carriers, so can assist you to find the right carrier for your family. They are knowledgeable about baby and adult ergonomics, working to ensure a comfortable and safe fit for you both.

Your consultant can also help you get your existing carrier to fit better -  it may be that you have a carrier that needs tweaking to position your baby properly or maybe it has been huring your back and a change in strap position would make a big difference.

Are you interested in learning to back carry or try a more specialised carrier that your local retailer or sling group does not have or know how to use. 

Babywearing consultants are also the best option for expert advice for carrying in special circumstances. This may include carrying twins, premature babies or where your little one has a medical condition that requires something different. or for adults where there are more complex circumstances that means some thinking outside the babywearing box is needed!

All babywearing consultants are also able to consult with each other to get you the best possible advice. Consultants continue professional development after their training and are generally active participants in professional groups that mean they can always ask other consultants if you have a tricky challenge they haven't come across. 

Do I have to pay for a consultant?

Yes babywearing consultants charge for their expert services! They have invested significant time and money in becoming trained and qualified, as well as their investment in their carrier library. Expert advice is always worth paying for and prices for babywearing consultants are surprisngly reasonable with many offering following up advice as part of the cost.

It is money incredibly well spent when it means you get a carrier that works for you and your baby. Many families waste significant money buying multiple carriers that are uncomfortable or not suited to their needs. You can avoid this wasted money by getting expert help up front.

A consultant can also help you to comfortably use a carrier you have already invested in.

You will also know who to speak to when you get to that next stage or carrier that you need some further advice from. 

The same way that experts like lactation consultants can help with breastfeeding, babywearing consultants are an amazing help and are filled with knowledge and expertise your family will benefit from!


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