National Baby Carrier Library


WELCOME to New Zealand's national Baby Carrier Library!

We want families from around New Zealand to be able to experienced all the amazing benefits of using a baby carrier, but we know that cariers are like jeans! They fit people differently, and some people like them skinny and some people are bigger or smaller than where possible, why not try before you buy?

There are also lots of different carriers. Some are better for smaller babies, some are better for hip carrying, some are better for toddlers. It can be pricey buying all the carriers when you are at a tricky stage or just want to try something different.

Around New Zealand, there are many wonderful babywearing groups and many of these offer a local sling library. These should always be your first port of call, as they offer in person help and human company! This can be an amazing way to connect with local families and in time, you may want to be one of the wonderful volunteers helping families find the perfect carrier.

But if you don't have a local group, they don't offer a library or they don't have what you want, we're here to help. Our carriers have all been donated by The Sleep Store and babywearers around the country who have now finished their carrying journey and want you to be able to experience the joys and benefits of carrying too.

Carriers can all be rented for 2 WEEKS. 

They are dispatched from Babywearing Aotearoa at The Sleep Store. 

Carriers are supplied clean and ready to use. Please wash before returning your carrier so it is ready for the next family. 

View the current rental options here


Library Donations

We are always looking for more lovely carriers for families to rent and try before they buy. All types of carriers can be donated either to the National Baby Carrier Library or to our ReCarry program.

Local babywearing groups are very welcome to donate carriers they no longer need for the national library or to share with new groups who need some carriers to get started.

Rental donations can include:

  • Woven wraps of all sizes
  • Ring Slings with high quality metal rings, preferably woven wrap fabric or good quality linen type slings.
  • 2-way stretchy wrap, preferably Boba or Love radius/Je Porte Mon Babe
  • Buckle Carriers in good condition and that are currently available for sale, such as Boba, Beco, ergobaby, Manduca, Lenny Lamb etc
  • Meh Dai - commerically made please rather than home-made, preferably brands that are currently available for sale in NZ
  • Half Buckle Carriers
  • Onbuhimo

We do not accept donations of the following thank you:

  • Any narrow based carriers such as Elite Cruiser, Baby Bjorn etc
  • 1-way stretchy wraps
  • Closed tail slings or pouch slings
  • Any carriers that are worn, webbing or buckles are not in excellent repair

View the current rental options here