195942671-2898674327012606-717223833092705613-n.jpgKangatraining exercise classes are now available across New Zealand (and the world)! The super fun classes are both a great workout for you AND a way to meet new friends in your community. Life can be lonely after having a baby....so why not find friendships and fitness at the same time?

Bond with your baby, have fun and socialise, get fit and healthy all with Kangatraining New Zealand! 

With KANGATRAINING you don´t have to wait till your baby is asleep or quiet before working out. 

KANGATRAINING means safe, overall fitness while your baby can relax and enjoy being close to you.

Special attention is given to education and the restrengthening of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles as well as correct posture


How did Kangatraining start?

Kangatraining started in Germany in 2008, after Founder Nicole Pascher had her third child Pamina in 2008. Nicole wanted to know how she could achieve a quality workout AND have her baby with her while working out. After some trial and error, Nicole knew one thing for certain, Pamina did not enjoy being in a pram watching her workout! She wanted to be carried and close to her mum.

As a very experienced Personal Trainer and specialising in pre and postnatal exercise, Nicole knew exactly how to structure a safe and effective exercise program for not only herself but for other new mums and their babies. 

Fast forward a few years, and Kangatraining now offers many different postnatal classes that all have one thing in common:



Kangatraining in New Zealand

Kangatraining New Zealand is run by the super experienced Sherylee Teoh, who has multiple babywearing qualifications as well as being an experienced group fitness instructor. Sherylee teaches all the Kangatraining classes for new instructors in New Zealand.

Did you know that the “dances” in Kangatraining are usually choreographed by our trainers? So don’t worry, we aren’t dancing majors so they are nice and easy for everyone, even the most uncoordinated can step and touch. They are designed to bring your heart rate up and give you a bit of a workout while enjoying a cuddle with your bubs in a carrier.


Find out more

You can visit Kangatraining New Zealand's Facebook for more information on classes.

Interested in becoming a trainer and running your own babywearing exercize classes? Contact Sherylee for details