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This is a ReCarry loan Manduca Duo Carrier. It is an ex-demo from The Sleep Store, has only be tried on a small number of times and is in near new condition. 

This is an amazing carrier but it is quite different to other buckle carriers, you may want to review the info below from the Manduca website and instructions:

The manduca Duo can be worn in two different ways – with or without hip belt. The hip belt can be easily zipped on for carrying heavier babies. In the first few months, when your baby is still light, you’ll be fine without the hip belt. After giving birth by Caesarean section, mothers can do without the belt entirely in order to avoid any additional pressure on the sensitive belly area. The manduca Duo is designed solely for chest carrying, and has been optimised for this method.

How does the manduca® Duo’s click & tie system work?  The Duo clip on the back straps of the carrier system allows you to quickly and easily place your baby in the Duo. You then use the rings on the sides to pull the sling tight, as with a ring sling, and secure it with a simple knot. That is all it takes to place your baby snugly and securely in the manduca Duo.

Expectant parents often ask themselves: "Should we get a baby carrier or a sling?" Well, guess what: With the manduca Duo you have both in one. A bunch of clever details, like the Duo-Clip on the shoulder straps for quick and secure donning, or the firmly sewn slip-through protection make the manduca Duo easy to handle, reliable in use and very comfortable. Especially for fresh parents with newborns.

Because over the years we've heard it again and again: They may feel really great - but because of the long fabric, slings aren't really popular among fathers. That was our motivation to develop a new, intelligent carrying system - which is still unparalleled on the market today.

Carrier & sling - combined in one system: The manduca Duo is made for all parents who want the cuddliness of a sling, but don't want to give up the flexibility and the ergonomics of a comfort carrier.

• Supports the important M-Postion®
• Intense body contact with the baby
• Back cross for optimal weight distribution
• Extra wide, ergonomic shoulder straps
• Click&tie-system for safe donning
• Integrated headrest / neck support for newborns
• Removable hip belt: more comfort vs. more compact size
• Firmly sewn slip-through protection
• Fits smaller and bigger parents
• Complies with CEN/TR 16512:2015
• All materials strictly tested for harmful substances
• Tested for children with a body weight of 3.5 to 15 kg
• Perfect age: 0-18 months

• 100% cotton (organic cotton)

• Acknowledged as a "hip-healthy product" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute®


ReCarry provide good quality, ergonomic carrying options for families without the funds to purchase a carrier. 

Families accessing a ReCarry carrier cannot choose a specific model or brand of carrier. You will be sent something suitable for the age of your child. 

The cost is very small -  it just covers the administration needed to run this program. 

The loan period is 6 months. If you would like to borrow the carrier for an additional period, please contact us close to when your ReCarry carrier is due back. 

Please ensure the carrier is returned to us when you no longer need it. Carriers are expensive and there are many families who would like to borrow one. Carriers cannot be lent to other people, sold or given away.