Introducing Terri from Woven Womb -  Invercargill

Posted by Louise on 1st Nov 2021

Introducing Terri from Woven Womb - Invercargill

Introducing Terri, babywearing consultant and owner of Woven Womb. 

Here's what Terri has to say about her business and the services she offers the lucky families of Southland.

I started Woven Womb so that I could help other families find a local place to go to for carrier advice. It has grown from there, and I truly love being involved in my clients journeys.

I am a stay at home Mum to 3 gorgeous children, from 11years to 4years, and wife to a supportive husband.

I have carried all my children, however it was during my pregnancy with our 3rd child, and when I realised that I would most likely have another unsettled reflux baby, that I started looking for options beyond the previous limited experience I had. For me, I needed to be able to comfort/hold my baby, but still manage the juggle of wife to a shift worker, Mum to 2 older kids, and friend.

After limited success with my stretchy wraps, I went along to a Babywearing Southland (now Invercargill Babywearing Community) meet, found the help I needed and started volunteering at meets, eventually taking on a committee role also. This was the place that really introduced me to the many different styles of carrying, and opened my eyes to the many possibilities. I now co lead this volunteer community support group and love helping enable families to share the experience.

I did my first lot of training with Slingababy, as a peer supporter, and was blessed with the opportunity to do the inaugural Slingababy NZ Consultant Training Course, in April 2017. I achieved my goal of completing my Slingababy training in March 2018, this was a big part of my focus in 2017.

I added the WellSouth Breastfeeding Peer Supporter Course to my list of training, which means I am now able to offer free breastfeeding support as part of the wider Breastfeeding SOS Southland network.

I started Woven Womb to share my passion, but also in the hope that I can help other families figure out what carriers can offer for them, be it a long term love, or short term help during a holiday or surgery.

And finally, many thanks to all the amazing and wonderful people who have, and who do, provide me with the love and support I need, the road worth traveling is never easy. xx

An overview of the services Terri offers - please contact her directly for more information through her Facebook or website.

Carry Me Consultation

1 hour consultation + 15min followup

Great for those with some experience wanting to learn a new skill

OR those wanting to learn how to carry for the first time with one or two carrier types (we will discuss how I can meet your needs prior to consultation).

Carry Me Complete

A complete package for a family including:

1 hour Antenatal Carry Me

1 hour Newborn Carry Me (travel included to your house, Wallacetown/Invercargill, please ask to confirm)

1/2 hour Tips & Tweaks

This is the ultimate support package, learn skills while pregnant, have an in-home visit once baby arrives, and then learn some new tricks as baby moves onto the next stage.

Carry Me Introduction

2 hour consultation + 15min followup

2 hours lets us explore lots of options to find a couple of carriers that will work well for you and your family,

Well suited to learning woven or stretchy wrap skills (first time, or wanting to learn advanced skills).

Drop in Sessions

15min Slots, First In First Served Basis -  15 minute slots

Suitable for tips and tweaks to existing carriers

Quick try of a new carrier

Fitting and hire of a loan carrier