ReCarry Beco Gemini Grey

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This is a loan Cotton Beco Gemini, a super simple and comfortable carrier which can be used from newborn to about 18 months. It has 2 seats settings -  The narrow setting can be used for 0-4 months approx and the wider setting approx 4 months plus. 

The Beco Gemini you are borrowing is pre-loved and very well used. It is an older model carrier, we recommend regularly checking the buckles and stitching just to ensure it is still safe for use. We have pre-checked before sending out on a loan.


ReCarry provide good quality, ergonomic carrying options for families without the funds to purchase a carrier. 

The cost is very small -  it just covers the administration needed to run this program. 

The loan period is 6 months. If you would like to borrow the carrier for an additional period, please contact us close to when your ReCarry carrier is due back. 

Please ensure the carrier is returned to us when you no longer need it. Carriers are expensive and there are many families who would like to borrow one. Carriers cannot be lent to other people, sold or given away.

Shipping cost includes a return courier docket, keep this in a safe place for it's return.