Striped Woven Wrap Size 6 - $10 Rental & $20 Bond

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Rent a Woven Wrap for 1 month. This is a pre-loved cotton woven wrap, ideal for use with a younger baby. The brand is not specified on the wrap.  It is a thinner woven wrap than many.

It is approx a size 6 wraps, around 4.5m long. This is an average size for a woven wrap, if you are plus-size you may find you are more comfortable with a size 7 if you are wanting to do the common front-wrap cross carry technique. There are many different wrap techniques requiring longer or shorter wraps.

This is an excellent way to trial using a Woven Wrap and see if it suits your family before purchasing. 

You will be supplied links to video instructions and can arrange a fit check by email or messenger to ensure you are using it safely.

Rental Cost includes a return courier label and refundable $20 bond.

This is a 100% cotton wrap, thinner than most wovens.